Faith Lapp

Hello! Please take the time to read this. I currently am signed as a model with urban talent management. When I signed my contract I also signed a contract with Style inc. Throughout the process of signing these I agreed to pay for an optional portfolio, training and other tools. ITS WAS A 1 TIME PAYMENT THAT WILL HELP ME THROUGHT THE REST OF MY CAREER. Also, one thing I appreciated was that you have the option to break the payment up monthly or pay it in full. They are willing to work it out with you and answer any questions you have. I recently attended one workshop and I am excited to attened the (optional) monthly workshop extensions. These classes taught me so much and helped my confidence grow. They really pushed me out of my comfort zone but I never felt alone. The staff was very supportive and instructional to make sure and HELP me improve. Because they only make money when the talent does (commission), they are only as good as us. If you are scouted and signed then you have potential. They recognize that and don’t gaurentee any jobs but I know from personal experience that if you are working hard and taking advantage of the tools and communication they offer YOU WILL SUCSSED.