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I started modeling my when I was 15. It was never something I had thought about at that point. I was scouted on the beach in Miami on a family vacation. My mom thought it would be good for my self-esteem. So, soon after my scouting experience I immediately went to NYC and I was trained by Model Search America and I booked several jobs in NYC and Atlanta. However, my career did not blossom until I moved to UT.

Since, 2008 I have been signed with Urban Talent and I have booked countless numbers of print and commercial jobs. Clients have ranged from fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. I have had the privilege to work on 4 film productions and traveling the world to Milan, Paris and India. Becoming an international model has allowed me to also walk for several fashion weeks and runway shows.

I don’t think I would have had as much success if it weren’t for the training I received from Style. I was asked to be a Style Trainer after receiving a high level of success in the Midwest market. I have been a Style Trainer for 5 years. Just to list some of the models whom I have trained are: Bowen Robinson, Larry Beddome, Ryan Shipp, Ashlee Swenson, and Jess Stowell.