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  1. I have been represented by Urban Talent for over 10 years. Modeling and acting has always been a part of my identity and Urban Talent has helped me, guided me and encouraged me over these past few years to take the next steps in my career. When I first signed with Urban Talent, I had no idea what I was doing! But that’s what the training is for, to teach you how to move through your angles, channel your emotions and connect with the camera. Trust me, If you don’t know what you’re doing, it will obvious and you won’t be booked. And, quite frankly, Urban won’t send you on auditions you aren’t ready for. Urban doesn’t want to be embarrassed, but most of all, they don’t want you to be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable.
    Modeling and acting is like any profession, it requires constant training and/or schooling to be hired/booked for a job. I train everyday. This isn’t a one-stop-shop and then you’re a professional model and/or actor. Urban invests in you and you invest in yourself. Urban’s there to provide you with training, opportunities and to make sure your talent isn’t taken advantage of. This profession is no different than any other profession. It requires training, skill, perseverance, dedication and most of all patience.
    I would recommend Urban Talent to any of my friends or family who had any interest in this sometimes crazy profession. You will experience the highest highs and the lowest lows, but you’ll know you have a great agency and agents when they’re right there fighting and experiencing everything with you. I love my Urban family, thank you for all you do!

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