Master Modeling Development


In this three-day workshop we teach you everything you need to know to be confident and successful in booking paid modeling jobs. We go above and beyond to teach you the ins and outs of the industry. Everything from what to expect at auditions, to what to bring with you to set, to how to stand in a way that inspires people to purchase the clients’ products.

Every medium has different needs. A catalog shoot is different from a fitness shoot, which is different from a commercial shoot. All of these types of jobs have different body positioning and expressions that are necessary. You’ll learn and practice it throughout your three days of training. For new models, the Master Class Workshop is comprised of one Zoom training session, two in-person training sessions. Later on, upon completing the workshop, you will get to schedule your portfolio photo shoot and receive placement on Style’s partner talent agency’s website.

What You’ll Learn

Body Positioning

How you pose for the camera is vital to taking photos that clients can use for their projects. You will learn the alignments to the camera and the articulation of the body depending on the style of clothing that you are wearing. What is the point of hiring you if none of the pictures are usable?


Understanding the value of preparation is key for Character development therefore, we focus heavily on character templates. How you hold your face can make or break a shot. Understanding face in frame and the breathing component creates a more authentic expression. Your body can be posed perfectly, but if your face is too tense, or your eyes are too wide, the picture is not useable. Understanding the primary and secondary frames are crucial.

It’s More Than a Look

You can be the most beautiful person in the state, but unless you are taking engaging, usable photos, you likely won’t be booked. Having the right look is only a portion of what it takes to be successful in the modeling industry, you also need to be skilled and educated. Practicing daily, once you learn the skill set, is essential or you will be benched and not booked for the job. Regardless of your profession, you need to be trained for that profession and you need to practice what you learn.

That’s why Style Inc. exists: to make you the best candidate for the job.

Style, Inc. Models in Action