Master Extended Workshops

In-Person Extended Workshops

Style Inc. offers a series of workshops for our models and actors every month that are designed to ensure the highest level of professionalism. Each workshop is an hour long. To sign up for the extended workshops, reply to the monthly emails listing the dates and times. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these extended workshops every month if possible! For our up-to-date training schedule, please check out our Style Inc. website!

For Style Inc. students ages 12+, Extended Workshops are provided at no cost to those that have a current contract with Style and are current on their payments.

Style Inc. Modeling Master Class Extended Workshops

Runway 1

Runway 1 is open to any models who would like to brush up on their skills and perfect the art of walking.  Though average runway heights are 5’8” and above, we do offer Runway 1 to anyone who would like to attend.

Runway 2

By invitation only. Advanced Runway is for all runway models looking to increase their skill base in the runway division.  It is only available to female models 5’8” or taller, and men 5’11” and taller.  To attend Advanced Runway, you must be approved by Tina. They are not held every month.

Behind the Scenes at Runway

Body Positioning

Body Positioning workshops are a great place to practice with an instructor as well as with other students to learn new ideas, get more comfortable, and offer feedback on new approaches to moving while in front of a camera. This workshop involves a lot of group involvement; it will help you break out of your shell! Please bring tears to practice.

Character Building

Character workshops focus on conveying different emotions using expression.  We typically combine aspects from the Body Positioning workshop with those of the Character workshop to help bring to life the character that will help you sell whatever you are modeling! We will often practice script reading.

Style Inc. Commercial Master Class Extended Workshops

Character Breakdown

We break down character and work with different methods and exercises of character development.

Cold Reads

This is a workshop where the booking agents give feedback and work with talent on delivery and professionalism of a cold read script.


In this workshop, the booking agents give feedback and work with talent on delivery and professionalism when auditioning for a client.

Scene Study/Improv

Working on breaking down a scene and performing it.