Master Commercial Actor Development


In our Commercial Acting workshop we teach and develop areas essential to acting in film, tv, and commercials. We also educate on professionalism in the industry.

Since you are portraying someone other than yourself, it is essential to understanding the Who, What, Why, and When of the character. Who are you? A question that we may ask ourselves often. This question carries just as much weight to an Actor as it does in real life. A question that if answered correctly is a difference between being booked on a job or not. Successful Acting begins with understanding how to be what the Casting Director is asking for or needing.

Master Program: In-Person and Virtual Training Sessions

The Master program has several components to it: For new actors, the Master Class Workshop is comprised of one Zoom training session, two in-person training sessions, and placement on Style’s partner talent agency’s website. Once an actor gets the 10 hours of instruction down, the actor can also participate in additional 2-4 hours a month in the extended trainings listed below.

Master Commercial Extended Workshops

Character Development

We break down different methods of acting. There are numerous exercises to create and develop character. The trainer will utilize different methods of Stanislavsky, Meisner, and Method acting.

Scene Study

We will take actual auditions from clients and break a scene down and perform it.

Cold Reads

Knowing how to read sides in an audition is the best way to show the casting director that you are qualified and will be the perfect person for the role. The instructor with use actual sides from current projects so the talent knows how to break it down and deliver it. You will receive direct feedback.


The workshop breaks down that moment you are in front of the Casting Director or Producer. Guest directors and trainers will assist with the auditioning process. Some sessions will be recorded so that the actor can see and get direct feedback during the session. Helping you to know your proper eye-line, what do to with a Reader and how to execute your audition.

Commercial Actors in Action

Commercial Acting Headshots