Urban talent works with its talent to make sure they are on track and have the education they need. The classes are able to be taken time and time again with no additional pricing. Tina and Kendall work closely with talent answering all questions with years experience and advice to pass on in training. This program gives step by step goals to achieve the talents goals

I had originally signed on with Urban just before Covid, and because of covid I had to step away for nearly two years in order to focus on immediate needs for my family. A number of miraculous events enabled me to return to Urban a few months ago and despite my long absence, they still honored my contracts and payments from the past, and I was able to pick up right where I left off. That was a tremendous relief. Since rejoining them, I’ve been learning non stop about the intricacies and nuances of the business and craft. The instructors are ingratiated in these things. They teach from experience and with authority. The acting classes have all tested my capabilities, challenged me to improve, and inspired me to reach my performance goals. Urban genuinely gives a darn about their Talent. They are transparent about their business model from the first appointment, and are always happy to answer any questions I throw their way, no matter how common sense they may seem to most. I’m grateful to be apart of the team and grateful to be an actor.

I have had the pleasure to sign with Urban Talent. Honestly, i have been modeling for 6 years prior to signing with them and I was still able to take away pointers that they have taught to enhance my craft. They have real gigs that they submit you too and they build you whether your a novice or experienced. Its great to have that kind of team surrounded around you.

I recently completed my Master’s classes for Professional Model Development and Commercial Audition. These two days were some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Tina was very helpful to me because I had zero skill-base going into the class; she took me from zero to now being able to perform at a photoshoot–with confidence! I now know what I need to practice and stay on-top of to be competitive in this industry, thanks to Urban and Style Inc. After this experience, I look forward to taking all the other Extended Workshops for which I’m eligible.

Urban Talent Management is an outstanding agency to work with. The Master’s classes for Professional Model Development and Commercial Audition are well organized. Tina does an amazing job helping each individual get outside of their comfort zone and grow. There are endless opportunities for in person trainings and growing as a model with this agency. Alexandra is also an exceptional employee. She has helped me stay connected through countless emails and text messages.

I have loved working with Urban Talent! They really care about their talent and take the time to give every person the proper tools to succeed in the business not only with a variety of skills, but professionalism too! I always feel inspired speaking to the team and learning from them! I cant wait to see where their continued guidance takes my career! 🙂

Urban Talent Management truly values the sucess of their Talent! They are very dedicated to making sure you are professional and well trained. I was very impressed with their master workshops! They were real and raw with you, which is what is needed in this industry. Being honest and upfront with a person is the fastest way someone can improve. They provide workshops and trainings at no extra cost, and I have found them very educational, and have found that they have helped me become more confident as well! Being a large company, I am continuously impressed by how organized they are! All communication is professional, and they are very responsive. If you have a good work ethic, I am confident this company can help you be successful!

I have only been with Urban Talent Management for a couple of weeks now and I just got done with the training portion and it was so helpful! Everyone at the agency is super friendly and they make you feel super welcomed and like you belong even if you are very new to modeling. I am SO excited to see what this experience has in store for me.

Urban Talent is amazing! Even for someone very new to the acting/modeling scene like me, they take the time to truly make you feel welcome, and the classes they offer to hone your skills are very helpful and you can’t find them anywhere else!