Alex Dikwa-Nkrumah

This is for everyone who’s thinking about joining Urban and , who has any aspirations about modeling and Acting.There’s usually a lot of concern and anxiety about Talent agencies, I’m sure you’ve all heard the horror stories, but rest assured Urban is the saving grace of talent agencies. The moment you step into their space you can feel their intensity and positivity. These guys are impossibly kind and inspiring. When they tell you they can get you booked and working they believe it, and they know. Trust in their process put in the work and you will see results.It’s one of the few jobs out there that truly values your time and effort. With as many other talents as they book you’d be surprised to see how much effort they put into KNOWING each and every one of them. If you want to sign with urban,be prepared for some emotional vunerability, and confidence in stepping out of your comfort zones. They offer trainings to all new talent, and these trainings are absolutely amazing, they will train you in the terminology, the basic communication between booking agents and your future partners. They give comprehensive training in how to model as well in their live fashion and character training. If you enjoy constructive criticism as much as me these people will be your favourite people in the world. They’re honest and upfront about everything they observe, down to the details of how you breathe! If you allow yourself to be part of what they offer and truly put in an effort and practice you will see results just as fast. I can’t rave enough about how much I love this company.