Alexis May

Being apart of Urban the last year has been absolutely amazing to say the least! At first, I was hesitant because I really did not know much about the company. I honestly thought it was just another person looking to make money off commissions for gettin people signed up. Boy was I completely wrong. ITS LEGIT. As a little girl all I ever dreamt about was being a model. I loved photography, I loved getting dressed up, and simply loved the idea of being a “model”. Born and raised in a small town made those dreams of being a model, close to impossible. I did free lance modeling for about 3 years until I was contacted by Urban and began to learn more about how they are truly dedicated in giving you all the tools and necessities you’ll need to be successful as an actor or a model! At that point it was truly up to me on what I did with the tools they provided me! Of course I did not except to wake up the next morning and be on TV but I knew that it was a process and I knew Urban was there to help! I enrolled myself into the Commercial/ Film category and just completed the in person trainings down in SLC. I couldn’t believe how truly hands on that training was. They work with you one on one to help build your craft! I am extremely grateful for this company and I can not wait to see what else comes afloat from being apart of it! If you’ve always pictured yourself as an actor or model I highly suggest getting ahold or Urban Talent and get on the road to your dreams!