Amy Ward

I recently signed with UTM after getting scouted a couple of months ago. I’ve always been intrigued with the talent industry but never had the confidence to legitimately explore it for myself. Urban was not pushy at all, and just offered their support and professionalism to help me achieve my goals if I wanted to pursue them. At this time of my life I decided to go for it! I’ve learned so much about the industry already, how it’s so much more than what we as consumers see on the surface. I’m enjoying the work shops and really learning this new skill. The 2-day in person Style workshops were incredible. Tina and Kendall sacrificed a ton of their time and were very present and invested in us the entire time. These mandatory workshops, professional headshot, and portfolio shoot are a lot of bang for your buck, especially with the unlimited extended workshops you can participate in! You can go to all of these workshops as many times as you want. Amazing value. I am a naturally skeptical and hesitant person…but I’m so glad I jumped all in and signed!