Style Inc. Workshop Review

I enjoyed the class. It was informative. I learned many new things, like walking, positioning, and character development. Although I felt a little intimidated at first bc of my age, Tina made me realize that we can be marketable no matter what doubts we have, my age for example. I leaned that we make our own success by practicing, and doing what Urban teaches.

Competing in bodybuilding has definately taught me to own the stage, make eye contact with judges, and to get rid of nervous ticks. I still have them but I am more aware and can control it better than I have in the past. To me, being a professionally trained talent is an extension of what I’ve learned competing. It’s exciting doing new things and especially if I can earn money doing so.

I am looking forward to new orientation next week after I get back from San Diego.

Thank you.

-Lei Arakaki