Style Inc. Workshop Review

Last weekend I attended my first Style workshop at Urban Talent. I had never been a model in the past before signing with Urban. I was excited to start modeling but did not have the practical skills or knowledge of the industry yet. Attending just one Style workshop really equipped me as a model. I not only learned about the industry and the practical skills involved in being a model, but I learned a lot about myself. The exercises we practiced built my own self confidence and security in my abilities. I gained a lot of insight into what it looks like to be a model- from the business side of things, to logistical vocabulary, and audition preparation. I gained a lot of tools I will carry with me in my future career. I now feel like I have a great foundation to begin working as a model. Style workshop is a great experience and was very helpful for me as I begin working in the modeling industry.

-Mya Guin