Welcome to Style Inc. Development

The Style Inc. Professional Model’s workshop was originally created by Tina Bullen, who began her career as a model in 1982. The workshop was developed to expose new talent to years of knowledge and experience in a 12 hour program so they can successfully and regularly book work. This workshop has launched the careers of many local models, some of whom have worked, and are currently working, in large international markets including Shannin Lewis, Michelle Murphy, Keiza Bachman, Tanya Stewart, Nicole Hiren, Nicole Muirbrook, Jenny Brown, Kyle Ward, Rhyan Attrice, Paris Gibson, Hannah Sobisky, Marin Poole, Andrea Fazzini, Chelsey Hersley, and Barton Brooks.

The workshop is designed for anyone that is serious about a career in Modeling. It creates a skill level in new models that is consistent with that of a model with years of experience. In order to gain this skill level and develop a technical competence, new models should practice and learn the concepts that are outlined in the workshop.

Originally Style Inc. was created as a training company. It has since grown in an entity that holds contracts with various development providers, handles transactions and logistics, and is able to extended financing options to prospective talent.